How to Choose the Right Whiskey and Spirit Glasses 

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How to Choose the Right Whiskey and Spirit Glasses 

It’s easy to think that all glasses are created equal when enjoying your favorite spirit. While any glass will undoubtedly do in a pinch, there’s a lot more science involved in glassware than you may realize — and choosing the right glasses can make your drinking experience much more enjoyable. Read on to learn how to choose the proper whiskey and spirit glasses, and get ready to start drinking like a pro.

The Right Glass Matters 

You can find glassware in all shapes and sizes. When you drink out of a pretty glass, indulging feels more luxurious, but there’s much more to a glass’s design, shape, and material than meets the eye. Aesthetics aside, the shape of the glassware can alter how a spirit smells and tastes.  

Some glasses have narrow mouths, which causes the smell of the spirit to be more concentrated in the smaller opening. Others are designed with bigger openings or extra room in the glass to expose the spirit to more air and oxygen. If you want to pick up the nuances of your favorite spirit, especially whiskey, then the glass’s size, shape, and design matters.  

Consider Your Drinking Preferences 

When selecting glassware, the most important thing to remember is how you enjoy your whiskey or spirit. Some glasses are better suited for cocktails, while others are designed to enhance the experience of drinking whiskey straight. You should also consider whether or not you want to drink your beverage neat or on the rocks since some glasses are designed to accommodate ice while others are not.  

Popular Types of Glasses 

Now that you understand why choosing the right glass is important let’s dive into the most popular types of whiskey and spirit glasses. 

Glencairn: If you’re a whiskey drinker, you’ve probably seen a Glencairn glass. It’s small, tulip-shaped, and has a low, short stem. The narrow rim and bowl-like bottom help concentrate the aromas of whiskey and allow you to swirl, sniff, and savor. It’s the best choice to drink whiskey neat and helps you appreciate every note.  

whiskey in glencairn glass

Rocks Glass: This short, wide-mouthed glass is essential for (as the name suggests) drinking spirits on the rocks. However, it’s also the best choice for serving cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Boulevardiers, or Manhattans on the rocks. Though it doesn’t trap aromas, it provides plenty of room for ice and cocktail mix-ins.  

whiskey in rocks glass

Highball: Highball glasses are designed for cocktails or for serving spirits with a generous portion of a mixer (such as a whiskey and soda or gin and tonic). It’s tall, slender, and cylindrical, giving it enough volume to accommodate mixed drinks while preventing too much carbonation from escaping.  

Snifter: Also known as a Cognac class, a snifter has a wide bowl that tapers in at the top. Like a Glencairn glass, it helps concentrate aromas in the bowl and is ideal for sipping whiskey neat. Snifters are larger than Glencairn glasses and feature a slightly taller, skinnier stem.  

Put Your Glasses to Good Use with Lux Row Distillers  

At Lux Row Distillers, we understand how vital glassware is for enjoying your favorite whiskey. We also understand that the quality of the spirit inside is even more critical than glassware. 

Whether you want to conduct an at-home whiskey tasting using Glencairn glasses or stir up a delicious Old Fashioned in a rocks glass, there are countless ways to enjoy your favorite Lux Row Distillers bourbons and ryes.  

Of course, you can’t enjoy your favorite if your bar is empty. Pick up a few bottles today and stock up for the winter to keep your cup full throughout the cold months. 

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