Collector’s Corner: Rebel Ginger and Rebel Root Beer

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March 25, 2021
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April 30, 2021

Collector’s Corner: Rebel Ginger and Rebel Root Beer

How can you make your collection of delicious spirits more rebellious? By grabbing one (or both) of these flavored Rebel whiskeys: Rebel Ginger and Rebel Root Beer.

Rebel Ginger

Smooth and spicy, this ginger-infused whiskey can put a new twist on some of your favorite cocktails. From replacing the mint to make a ginger julep to using it to make your old-fashioned new again, there are so many possibilities, including our favorite, the Ginger Basil Smash. You can even use it for cooking. Of course, you can always go the simple route and enjoy it in a glass.



Refreshing ginger spice followed by hints of caramel and oak.


Smooth and spicy taste, with hints of oak lingering alongside vanilla and caramel.


Warm finish with hints of oak.

Rebel Root Beer

We know trailblazers aren’t afraid to try new things, which is why we brazenly infused the classic Rebel recipe with the rich and creamy flavor of root beer. Try it in our Double Down Cola cocktail or a Root Beer Dream, a delicious cocktail also featuring R9.

Rebel’s partner-in-crime, Ezra Brooks, make boozy companions.



Strong root beer and spice finished with hints of butterscotch and oak.


Rich and creamy taste ith justa touch of spice, followed with hints of oak lingering alongside vanilla and caramel.


A warm, spicy finish with hints of vanilla.

Of course, you’ll only get the full experience when you try one (or both) of these yourself. We invite you to pick one up today or continue exploring Rebel Bourbon’s other ward-winning flavors.

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