Installation of the 43′ Copper Column Still

Distillery Construction Update
May 15, 2017

Installation of the 43′ Copper Column Still

Progress is being made at Lux Row Distillers construction site – and a major milestone has been achieved – the distillery’s all-copper column still from Vendome Brass and Copper Works has been installed. With its base, the still stands at 43 feet and weighs 6,293 pounds, with a 36-inch diameter.

“This is a momentous day for us at Lux Row Distillers,” says Donn Lux. “The still is the heartbeat of a distillery and we have carefully chosen the perfect still for Lux Row. We are looking forward to putting this still to good use soon, making some fine bourbon.”

The still has 19 total distillation plates and can accept mash from the fermenters at 45 gallons per minute and can produce six gallons per minute of new distillate. In the start-up configuration, the still’s capacity will be 1.7 million proof gallons per year, with the ability of reaching 7 million proof gallons per year. That’s a lot of bourbon, just how we like it!

“We hand-selected this still, thinking of not only our immediate production needs, but our future growth in production capacity”, says Tony Kamer, Lux Row Distillers operations manager.

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