5 Essential Whiskey Glasses for Your Sipping Pleasure

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5 Essential Whiskey Glasses for Your Sipping Pleasure

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge (1)

It’s uncivilized to drink whiskey straight from the bottle, but pouring it into an ill-suited glass is nearly as bad.

Show off your Lux Row whiskey and encourage its flavors, scent, and color in the proper vessel. Don’t know which one to reach for? Here are five suggestions.


Cavendish Whiskey Glass

Cavendish rocks glass
Channel Don Draper with the Cavendish bronze rim rocks glass, which conjures up a midcentury happy hour (in the corner office or your living room) with its clean lines and simple yet elegant band of bronze. Lead-free and with a capacity of just under 10 ounces, the crystal tumbler is ideal for holding your favorite whiskey cocktail or two fingers neat. Handwashing is recommended. $30 for a set of two

Leather-wrapped cocktail glass
Koozies are for college. Upgrade your bar accessories with these hand-stitched sleeves that snugly insulate the accompanying glasses. An 11-ounce, clear-glass tumbler is bottom-weighted for sturdiness and longevity. The premium leather will patina over time and can be embossed with names, monograms, logos, or phrases. $40 for one

CCorkcickle Whiskey Wedge 2

Corksicle whiskey wedge
Forget watered-down whiskey — this glass tumbler with a silicone insert freezes to create a large-format ice wedge on one side of the glass, so you can leisurely sip your whiskey as long as you’d like. Corksicle is known for its innovating chilling solutions and has a reputation for long-lasting quality. Not only that, it looks cool and serves as a conversation starter during parties. $18 for one

Shade Skull double old-fashioned
Made in Turkey, these lead-free crystal glasses are mouth-blown for clarity and brightness. For an added touch of edge, the skull sculpture built into the base lends a gothic flair. For all the toughness these cocktail glasses project, though, they are dishwasher safe and even have a matching decanter, should you wish to carry on the macabre theme. $120 for a set of four

Riedel tumbler

Riedel rocks tumbler
An industry standard in wine glasses, Riedel puts just as much care into its cocktail vessels. A collaboration with cocktail specialist Zane Harris ensures that the size, shape, volume, and ice capacity are as close to perfect as can be, and the classic cut-crystal look will never go out of style. An added bonus: All Riedel glassware is lead-free and dishwasher safe. $29 for a set of two

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