6 Best Times to Drink Bourbon

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6 Best Times to Drink Bourbon

Whiskey Toast

There is no bad time to enjoy bourbon. How could there be? It’s smooth like no other spirit, and even a single sip submerges you into a world of pleasure and complexity.

But then there are those times that seem to simply demand a toast. These are the six best times to hoist a glass:

When you’ve met someone new.
It could be a budding romance or just a new best friend. You’re in that limitless zone where the possibilities of human relationships feel infinite, with no habits or judgments to get in the way. A glass of rare Blood Oath bourbon can forge the friendship as you discover common interests — including a mutual fondness for the hints of brown sugar and rum you’re savoring in your Blood Oath Pact 5.

At a family gathering.
Whether it’s a long-awaited reunion, holiday meal, or casual meet-up, families coming together are always epic occasions. And if there’s one thing bourbon loves, it’s a good time. Tales of your heroic teen days will take on a golden haze when you’re sharing them over a Rebel Yell 10-Year Single Barrel bourbon, and when your chatty cousin is headed your way, you can simply pour yourself another.

While the sun’s still up.
Day drinking has a certain spicy allure. Most of us are theoretically gainfully employed during the daylight hours. This is a tragedy because the sun does such a spectacular job of letting you see what a beautiful amber-copper color bourbon is as it splashes into your glass, whether you’re drinking it straight or over a single showpiece square cube. These are details you miss once the sun goes down.

After dark.
After dark, you let your hair down. You stay up all night with friends. You light candles. You lie on the lawn and gaze at the stars. After dark, you take off the sensible jacket; shoes are optional. You trip the light fantastic. You gather your friends ’round close, swap stories, revel in the moment. You drink bourbon.

With a nice dinner.
There’s something about bourbon with dinner that elevates the meal entirely. A burger and fries goes from humdrum to haute when accompanied by a Manhattan, made with Rebel Yell Straight Rye Whiskey. Salad in a bag turns into the Waldorf when partnered with a fizzy bourbon lime seltzer made with Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon. A spot of bourbon transforms your most seemingly ordinary supper into a culinary experience.

When you open a new bottle.
Your last bottle of bourbon was the greatest love story ever told, but it’s not the only bottle in the sea. No sense getting hung up on the past. It’s time to move on. You’ll be amazed when you discover that your next bottle — be it David Nicholson Reserve or Rebel Yell 100 Proof — is just as good as the last.



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