Lux Row Team Members Share Their Holiday Traditions

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Lux Row Team Members Share Their Holiday Traditions

Blood Oath Pact No. 5

Holidays are made for bourbon, and there’s no one who knows that better than the team at Lux Row Distillers.

Nearly two years after the distillery opened in Bardstown, Kentucky, the staff has formed a kind of bourbon family. Working together to make the finest bourbon in the land generates a certain camaraderie.

Here are a few favorite holiday traditions from the Lux Row team.

Casey Mattingly, Brand Ambassador
Bourbon is a part of the holidays for my family. That’s not uncommon if you grow up around Bardstown. We’ll have a bourbon drink with dinner or a little bourbon while we’re opening gifts.

At Lux Row, we do seasonal cocktails at the bar in the gift shop. If you don’t have a reservation and we’re completely booked, you can still have a drink.

For fall, it’s been a cocktail we call the Rebel Harvest; a couple of us brand ambassadors are fall enthusiasts. It has Rebel Yell 80 proof and apple cider. You fill a glass three quarters full, then top with ginger beer and garnish with a cinnamon stick. We’re already thinking about our next one — something with peppermint.

Annabelle Beam, Brand Ambassador
At the distillery, we’ve only been through one holiday season, and we’re just beginning our traditions. One thing we do every month throughout the year is an employee lunch where we all get together. The December one is more special because it gives us a chance to be extra thankful for our jobs and our coworkers.

I think the best way to do Lux Row for the holiday season is Ezra Brooks Bourbon Cream with hot chocolate. It’s always pretty chilly this time of year, and my favorite way to warm up is hot chocolate. Hot chocolate with a little bourbon cream is even better!

Allison O’Brien, Assistant Brand Manager, Lux Row Distillers
I am German/Irish/Italian, which means that consuming alcoholic beverages during holiday gatherings is required! From Gluhwein to whiskey slush to neat pours, we do it all.

Since I’ve been working on our Lux Row Distillers portfolio, these brands have been heavily incorporated into my family traditions. I always get my dad a bottle of Blood Oath for Christmas. Favorite daughter award! My sister doesn’t even stand a chance.

We convince my dad to open up his present and let us sip the newest Pact after dinner to enjoy during dessert. Each person’s pour is highly regulated to ensure that bottle can last him until next Christmas!

Kelsey Lyon, Brand Ambassador
One of the biggest holiday traditions is in the city of Bardstown, where Lux Row is located. It’s called Light Up Bardstown, and it kicks off the holidays in late November. They have a ceremony where they light the city’s Christmas tree, as well as lampposts, wreaths, and stars. The stores stay open late, and there’s music, refreshments, and a Santa appearance.

At Lux Row, we offer two ornaments in the gift shop. One is a leather star with Lux Row Distillers engraved on it. The other is a miniature barrel made from oak; it even has a burnt, toasted smell. We sell them throughout the year. They’re popular gifts and also a memento of your trip to the distillery.

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