Top 5 Reasons to Love Whiskey

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May 29, 2018
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Top 5 Reasons to Love Whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, there’s only one question: What’s not to love? It has taste, stature, distinction, and legacy. It summons flavors we know — caramel, toffee, wheat — then craftily showcases them in a new way.

That said, we have distilled it (see what we did there?) to the top five reasons we love whiskey in all its forms.

1. Whiskey is timeless.
So much of what goes on in food and drink is driven by “the latest thing.” Thankfully, whiskey is not. It’s independent — sacred even. Whiskey doesn’t have to follow the latest trend to be good. It just is.

2. Whiskey is something you can share with friends.
Drinking a glass of whiskey with your comrades is an opportunity to make memories. From bonding sessions to wild adventures, late-night confessions to meetings of the minds, whiskey can help set the stage for life’s greatest experiences.

3. Whiskey makes for a fun hobby.
There’s more to whiskey than a shot in a glass. Connoisseurs can explore its myriad variations. Into mixology? Pull out your cocktail shaker and master the art of the perfect whiskey drink. If you’re a collector, you’ll find plenty of gadgets that support your whiskey habit.

4. Whiskey is fermented.
Fermentation dates back to the earliest days of humankind — before there were refrigerators or plastic wrap or vacuum-sealed bags. Whiskey-making has survived centuries. The whiskey we drink today is an homage to that history.

5. Whiskey is complex.
In a world that seems to grow more instant and superficial every day, whiskey stands as a counterbalance of complexity. Like a great relationship, it takes time to get acquainted — and the more time you invest, the more layers are revealed.

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