A Holiday Gift Guide for Whiskey Lovers

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November 13, 2018
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January 10, 2019

A Holiday Gift Guide for Whiskey Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide Items

Finding a gift for the whiskey lover in your life is easy: As long as your gift has a whiskey theme, it’s a winner. Our list rolls high to low, ranging from a fine bar cart to a package you can put together yourself with a dose of TLC.

Mid-Century Bar Cart
A bar cart can not only serve your whiskey needs, but it can also act as a nice side piece in a kitchen or dining room. This rendition from West Elm has a midcentury modern vibe, with a sleek profile that works with any décor. It’s a sturdy piece, made from wood that’s certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards. Best of all, it has wheels.

Nice Ice
The ice cube category is ripe with innovation, and you can keep your whiskey-loving friend on the cutting edge. Trending now are “ice cubes” made from metal such as these Glacier Rocks stainless steel cubes. You throw them in the freezer for four hours, then drop them in the bottom of your glass. If you don’t like your whiskey to be watered down, these guarantee no dilution whatsoever.

Also popular are oversized ice cubes. Whiskey fans love the big size because they melt slower and thus don’t dilute a drink as quickly as smaller cubes.

UnicGlam large trays give you two shapes, squares and spheres. Added bonus: You can also use them for (boozy) popsicles and other frozen treats.

Rebel Yell Shot Chiller
Some of the best gifts are the ones that represent an extravagance you might not spend on yourself, and this indulgent appliance fits the bill. You attach your bottle to the top, and it lowers the temperature of your bourbon to a chilly -5 F. An LED light display spotlights your bottle brilliantly. Ice can’t even compete.

Ashcroft Handblown Old-Fashioned Glasses
Glencairn makes the go-to glass for whiskey tastings, but a well-rounded home bar will have a range of drinking vessels. These handblown glasses have a nice fit-in-your-palm size, and they’re double-walled, so the heat from your hand won’t affect your precious sip.

Bourbon-Soaked Cherries
Bourbon-soaked cherries play a key role in classic cocktails like the Manhattan, so they’re a staple for any outfitted bar. If you’re crafty, you can make your own, and there are a number of artisanal options on the market as well. But the original is by Luxardo, which has been around since 1905 and is revered for its unmistakable taste.

Homemade Cocktail Kit
Show your whiskey pal you care with a cocktail kit you’ve lovingly assembled yourself. Package up your own spice mix — cinnamon sticks, a small jar of honey, a fresh lemon— for an instant hot toddy or spiced bourbon with a recipe card attached. Don’t forget to include your favorite bourbon from the Lux Row portfolio, be it Rebel Yell or Ezra Brooks. Wrap it all up in a 100 percent cotton Rebel Yell T-shirt.

Coffee Table Book
If everything you know about bourbon comes from drinking it, then Bourbon Strange: Surprising Stories of American Whiskey (2014), an entertaining coffee table book by Charles Cowdery, is an excellent way to take your expertise to the next level. Cowdery, a bourbon writer and expert, shares madly colorful true tales about the world of bourbon, sprinkling in bigger topics such as religion and history, all delivered  with his trademark wry humor. Reading about whiskey never tasted so good. It just so happens you can find the book in the Lux Row Distillers gift shop.

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