Introducing Daviess County Bourbon — the Newest Member of the Lux Row Family

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Introducing Daviess County Bourbon — the Newest Member of the Lux Row Family

Daviess County Bourbon

When a new bourbon comes along, it calls for a celebration. Especially when that “new” bourbon has a century-old story to tell.

Such is the case with Daviess County Distilling Company, one of the first great bourbon distilleries in the state of Kentucky — now brought back to life by Lux Row Distillers.

Daviess County Distilling Company was founded in 1874 during the halcyon pre-Prohibition days, and it helped its namesake county blossom into a center for bourbon. More than 20 other distilleries followed, settling in that same bourbon-friendly county around the same time.

Daviess County was not only a pioneer, but also a survivor: It was one of the few distilleries from that era that prevailed through Prohibition.

The label’s rich backstory enchanted Lux Row, who is now re-introducing it as an ultra-premium offering. Lux Row Brand Manager Philip Lux says that the mission is to honor both the label and the county.

“With this label, we first wanted to make sure we paid homage to the Daviess County’s heritage from 1874,” Lux says. “We wanted to bring a very old brand a new look, with a label that stands out on the shelf, while having a classic ultra-premium look and feel.”

Daviess County’s line features three finished bourbons, all bottled at 96 proof, and all boasting a distinctive mix of mashbills: a wheated for smoothness and a ryed for spice.

Two of the three bourbons get a secondary finish in wine oak barrels. “The wine barrels add an unmistakable complexity to the flavor of the bourbon,” Lux says.

Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (KSBW) is the first expression, conveying notes of honey, caramel, and vanilla.

Daviess County Cabernet Sauvignon Finish is that same KSBW, but finished for six months in cabernet barrels. You’ll recognize those notes of honey, vanilla, and caramel, but with additional layers of fruit and oak from the cabernet barrels.

Daviess County French Oak Finish takes the KSBW and finishes it for six months in French oak barrels, adding all of the notes of chocolate and oaky spice for which French oak is so well known.

“It’s rare to find a bourbon like this with such a storied history,” Lux says. “That’s part of what makes it special in the Lux Row family. We’re proud to revive a name that has contributed to Kentucky’s reputation as the home of bourbon.”

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